Saturday, January 18, 2020

Romance and Sensibility By The Numbers

It's that time of year where we crunch the numbers from the books we've reviewed on this blog in 2019. We keep track using a review tracking spreadsheet in Google Sheets and turn it into an infographic on Canva. This isn't indicative of all our reading because the YA / Adult blog has its own stats and there are books we've read that haven't been reviewed.

Publisher Breakdown

37% Indie/Self Pub*
26% Harper Collins
17% Penguin Random House
9% Simon & Schuster
4% Sourcebooks
2% Hachette
2% Kensington
2% Macmillan

*indie/self-pub incluces Zach Prown and Prosaic Press

Imprint Breakdown
17% Avon

15% Berkley

4% Carina

4% Gallery

4% Casablanca
2% Amistad
2% Atria
2% Voyager
2% Jove
2% Forever
2% Crimson
2% Dafina

Retailer Breakdown
19.5% Kindle Unlimited

17.3% For promotional purposes

13% Scribd


6.5% Fountain Bookstore
4% Public Library
2% Barnes & Noble (

32% Romance Novels Feature Two POCs

Everything about these numbers feels pretty accurate to our 2019 reviewing. In 2018 I was in the Avon Addicts program and it skewed the 2018 number of print books and historicals higher.  I also think it is interesting that a large chunk of our books were self-published. I don't think I could have predicted that when I started this blog, but self-pub authors are doing so many interesting things.

We don't set out to read a certain quota of diverse books but I'm glad we have so many more books with POC heroes and heroines. The LGBQA number went up by 5% but I'd like to focus on adding in more #ownvoices. - K. E Hamilton

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