Monday, December 9, 2019

Jess' Review Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan

Rating: ★★★ | 460 pages | Contemporary | Self-Published | Release Date: 3/20/2018
TW : Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence

Okay, I knew going in that this book was going to be a tough one. Kennedy was inspired to write Long Shot after watching the leaked Baltimore Ravens Player abuse video. Long Shot takes an extremely close look at what it is like to live inside an abusive relationship.

I don't read a lot of contemporary romance and I read very few sports romances (I think this makes two)  but there is no doubt this RITA award-winning novel is a standout. Not just because of its historical win but because of how strongly it holds to the spirit of the genre which guarntees an HEA even after the most tumultuous of storms.

I think it's hard to read this book and not come away feeling like Long Shot is as much about Iris and August romance as it is about Iris's journey from hiding in the shadows to reclaiming her life. I liked that this novel put the heroine first. It's a kind of coming-of-age story that is unrelenting and heartfelt.

To honest this book was a hard read sometimes, nothing is held back about the abuse Iris endures. It is a book that is very tough to read sometimes and once you realize how far it goes you kind of brace yourself for the next scene.

This book features solid female friendships between Iris and her cousin Lotus, they have shared trauma and issues with their mothers that makes their bond stronger.

It's clear that Ryan did her research or is very well versed in domestic abuse. I've said before that I dive into a lot of true-crime podcasts, where stories of domestic abuse are discussed and broken down in a meaningful way. There were so many things mirrored in Iris' journey that we often hear about Lorena Bobbit or Nicole Brown.

I think my only criticism is that maybe August's arc didn't come as full circle, but to be honest he felt sort of secondary to Iris. Slight spoiler.  I will say I am just not a fan of workplace romance and I IDK I felt like there were moments where August bringing Iris into his company doesn't allow Iris to fully gain her independence.

Like K.E, I did think the ending was a little Lifetime Movie like but I sort of saw that ending coming.

I did pick this book up because of its buzz and RITA win, but I am curious to check out Kennedy's other books.

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