Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Holiday Novellas Mini Reviews !

Christmas romance who? This year I read two winter holiday novellas set around New Year's Eve and Thanksgiving.

A Tale of Two Cities: A New Year's Novella by Alexandra Warren

It's New Year's Eve and professional dancer Cheyenne Foster is ready to make it official with her almost-boyfriend but is shocked to discover he has another girlfriend...and a wife. She’s in an unfamiliar city (I don’t think the city she is in is ever named) and her Uber driver, Candian Football League player Boston Reed, becomes her date for the night. I’m so glad Jess turned me on to the Girl, HaveYou Read podcast because I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read from the host Alexandra Warren and Christina C. Jones and this novella was no different. Warren delivers another sexy, energetic perfect short. Cheers! - 

Give Me Love: A Thanksgiving Novella by  B. Love

Lawyer Gratitude “Grady” Montgomery’s day is o,ff to a terrible start when a mystery woman not only hits his car but also steals his cab. When that same woman, Cherish, ends up next to him during a delayed flight --they connect and discover feelings for each other. This story really wasn't to my taste at all. The characters felt flat,, the dialogue unnatural and it is so easy to poke holes in all of the senseless coincidences. This is a Thanksgiving novella but it just never gave me any of the Thanksgiving feels I wanted. - 

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