Thursday, October 3, 2019

Mini Reviews: Cinnamon Bun Royals, Baking Competitions and Vegas, Baby!

A Prince On Paper is the third book in Alyssa Cole's modern-day Reluctant Royals series and follows the fake engagement of Nya the sheltered daughter of a disgraced Thesolo royal family member and Johan the playboy prince who has more heart than he is willing to show. This quiet romance follows these two cinnamon bun characters as their fake engagement gives them the freedom to discover their true passions, purpose and just maybe the loves of their lives. Fans of the series will enjoy seeing the couples from the previous novels join up for the royal wedding of Naledi and Thabiso-  Jess | Unrated 

In order to compete in the Ultimate Holiday Bake-off cooking competition bakery owner Isobel Knight has to partner with ex-football player Travis Coleman--her high school enemy. The two might not get along IRL but their combined baking skills are a recipe for success in the competition….as long as they don’t kill each other first. The concept of this book is super unique and fun. A television competition show was a great way to do forced proximity for enemies to lovers. The one thing that nagged at me about this book is that it’s never made clear why Travis and Isobel didn’t get along. KE ★★★

Whenever I see a fall-themed holiday romance novel I immediately snap it up. IDK why there aren’t more Fall holiday romances with all the cultural expectations and potential conflicts involved in things like Thanksgiving and Halloween. In this simmering Halloween novella single mom and hairstylist, Savannah is enjoying a joint bachelor/ bachelorette party and unexpectedly falls for one of the charming groomsmen. Through a weekend of Vegas Halloween revelry, these two can’t ignore that they’ve found love at first sight. Warren deftly creates a satisfyingly sexy rom-com in just 75 pages. I liked that she didn’t try to wrap up every loose end and ended it as an HFN instead of a HEA. KE ★★★

Side note: I liked how when a character mentioned their own love story the e-book included a link to that character's story on Amazon. I hate when you have to scroll through an author’s backlist to figure out which story side characters are from.

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