Tuesday, October 1, 2019

King Me by Lucy Lennox (Forever Wilde #7)

Rating: ★★★+.5  | 298 Pages | Contemporary Romance | Self-Pub | Release Date: 7/16/2019
For years FBI agent Dirk Falcon has been after notorious art thief Le Chaton, otherwise known as Kingston Wilde-- an American expat studying art in France. When a priceless crown is stolen by King’s ex-boyfriend, Falcon recruits King to steal the crown back in exchange for immunity. As the two spend time together planning the heist their attraction grows. But a relationship outside of the mission is impossible for countless reasons--including that Falcon isn’t being totally honest about the purpose of the mission.

I went back and forth on this book while reading it. Because look, if you stare at anything in it for too long the entire thing falls apart. I was also really confused by how convoluted the heist plot was getting and a little sketchy about the whole criminal/FBI agent romance. But in the end this book won me over. I think it happened for me because we got past the main “heist” and into the character development and redemption arc. One of my notes is literally “gosh darn it, it got me in the end”.  I would be down to read another book with these two character planning another heist.  There are some interesting twists, turns and character dynamics.

King Me is the latest book in Lennox’s Forever Wilde series, an m/m series about the men in the Wilde family in Hobie, Texas who--from what I can tell--tick off every stock hero in Romancelandia. With this book, it seemed like Lennox was doing something different by focusing it not in Texas and doing more of a suspense-like plot. It’s clear by her author note she put a lot of research into art history and security. Nobody knows Kingston in an art thief, so I ’m curious how she’s been building up his character in the background of the other books.

I found this book by browsing through KU, so if you’re looking for a new KU reads check this one out!

Multiple times in the story Kingston pretends to be asleep to get out of things and it made me think of Troy from Community.

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