Monday, August 26, 2019

Clean Breaks by Ruby Lang (Practice Perfect #3)

Rating: Unrated  | Crimson Romance | Contemporary  Romance | 2/20/2017 
Clean Breaks by Ruby is book three in Lang's Practice Perfect series, which centers around a group of close-knit friends in their thirties whose struggles lead to a lasting romance.

 After battling cancer with the support of her friends Sara Soon is ready to take back her life and dive into new experiences. One new experience she doesn't want is Jake Li. Li is new in town and her brother's childhood best friend who reminds her way too much of the small town and family she left behind. But there is just something about Jake, who is fresh from a divorce and still trying to make sense of being single, that pulls her in.

Clean Breaks is one of those deep emotion-driven novels that is a little tough for readers like me who prefer bigger external plots in their contemporary romance. A lot of this book is Sara and Jake diving into their emotional baggage and finding that elusive work-life balance, it's a slow burn that focuses on healing and confronting the past.

Can I say this book cover doesn't really capture the feel of the book ? I love this cover but the bright sunny colors and sweet smiles give the impression this is a fun rom-com instead of an emotional character-driven book set in the Pacific Northwest.

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