Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Mini Reviews: Kindle Unlimited Novellas!

Looking for some items from Kindle Unlimited? Check out these two novellas for satisfying romance quick reads!

Be Mine: A Valentine's Day Novella by Savannah J. Frierson
One of my favorite things about indie romance is that it allows authors to subvert the conventions of traditional romance and try new things. When I saw this Valentine’s Day novella with a 32-year-old heroine who finds herself the object of desire of her three roommates I decided to give it a one-click. Frierson tells a sexy, feel-good, indulgent story in under a hundred pages as Ingrid, our heroine, suddenly has three very different men eager to cherish and please her. This was a fun read but I’m not sure (for lack of a better word) reverse harems really work for me. As they say on Wicked Wallflower podcast, I like there to be some “sword crossing” and the men to be emotionally invested in each other as they are to the woman. - ★★★ + .5 

On Pointe by Shelly Ellis
I was so excited when Ellis announced these novellas about a dance studio because I took dance classes in high school and loved going to the studio. In On Pointe dance instructor Bina MacLaine finds herself falling for the school’s newest hip hop instructor---who happens to be her former student. This is my second Ellis novel and I really enjoy her writing style, she manages to build a romance, realistic internal and external conflict into a compact story that moves. There is an overarching story about the future of the dance studio going in the background so I would suggest reading these in order to get the full story.  -★★★

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