Saturday, November 10, 2018

Great Bones by Lynn Ames

Rating: ★★★ | 258 pages | Phoenix Rising Press | Contemporary Romance | 03/27/2018

Rachel Wallach’s career as a romance card writer is flourishing even though her own romantic life is DOA. Rachel is ready to give up on finding love all together but Goldie, her feisty grandmother, has other plans. Goldie hires matchmaker-in-training Julia Spielman, to secretly matchmake Rachel and we basically get an Emma / Matchmaker Crush situation.

This book reminded me a lot of a Hallmark movie (I mean...except you people get to exist), I could almost hear that music they play during humorous awkward moments in the back of my head. The characters are drawn in broad strokes and it has a pretty low heat level; you get the chaste-est kiss at the end and that is it.

I go back and forth on this book. The romance didn’t spark for me, Julia and Rachel don’t actually spend much time on the page together so it was hard to root for their romance. On the other hand, I read this during one of those weeks when it felt like the world was on fire and it’s a well written and easy book to climb back into and not worry about heavy stuff coming up.

I admit it’s not great that this blog is coming on 5 years and this is the first f/f romance we’ve reviewed. One of my goals next year will be to read more of it. This author typically writes romantic suspense, so I’d be curious to check out her other books.

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