Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Virgin Territory by Lia Riley (Hellion Angels #3)

 Rating: ★★★ +.5 | 149 pages  | Avon Impulse | Contemporary Romance | 03/06/18

I’m a sucker for the virgin hero trope, it’s a rare one and I really like it in M/F romance because it subverts the typical gender expectations and adds an interesting power dynamic to the relationship.

After getting into a bar fight with a scummy lawyer, hot-headed pro hockey goalie Patrick “Patch” Donnelly is assigned to take meditation classes from the high-spirited yoga teacher Margot Kowalski. She’s supposed to show him how to find peace of mind, but after a few weeks together she may have found a piece of his heart.

The lust between the characters is sparked on their first meeting and they take care of the whole virgin hero thing real quick, it's not much of a conflict in the story. The hero and heroine complement each other well as they navigate their budding relationship. There are some fun antics and even a B-story about Patch being sued for something he didn’t do, that was like a mini legal drama embedded in the romance.

Perfect for a one sitting read, Virgin Territory is a shortie but a goodie!

I was kind of annoyed that in the opening scene where Margot is in one of those cafes that doesn’t allow patrons to use their screens. I would never go into one of these. No coffee shop can tell me if I can have a phone or laptop out.

Received as part of the Avon Addicts program! 

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