Saturday, April 14, 2018

Blood Guard by Megan Erickson (Mission #1)

Note:  I started this book before all the Santino Hassell revelations came out. I’m not sure what Erickson's involvement was in any of it and how much she knew, but I do think I’ll be taking a break from reviewing her titles after this one.

Rating: ★★ | 213 pages  | Loveswept (Random House) | Paranormal Romance | 9/12/17 

Tendra Parrish thought she had a pretty normal life until it's turned upside down by the appearance of Athan Gregorie--a 7 foot vampire who informs her that her blood is part of an ancient vampire prophecy and if she doesn't get her blood to the vampire prince all of humanity will be enslaved by evil vampires. As you do. It's Athan's sacred duty to guard her on the journey to the vampire prince but along the way, she finds herself more attracted to her guard than her fated prince.

Okay, so I’m going to use the T-word.

I haven’t actually read any vampire romance except Twilight and it turns out...I’m just not that into it. I just can’t get into the blood thing. Every time Athan came near her body with his fanged mouth I was just like:

Also, the conflict felt kind of cartoon-y. Tendra is basically a McGuffin and I never understood why the bad vampires wanted to enslave humanity. The good and bad vampires have managed to live literally thousands of years without enslaving humans. The humans who know about vampires willingly give their blood and take pleasure from it so it's not like they are in danger of losing their supply. Also, these vampires can't go out in the daytime which I think would make it pretty hard to control humans.

 I’m already a hard sell on paranormal elements and could just never fully engage with this one.


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