Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Week To Be Wild by JC Harroway

Rating: ★★★ | 320 pages | Harlequin | Contemporary | 02/02/2018 | Pre-order now !

It's an anything goes heated power play between  Libby Nobel, a successful marking guru and her newest client the perilously wealthy Alexander Lancaster. They can't deny they are a perfect fit in business but can they throw pleasure into the mix ?

A Week To Be Wild is a fast paced high powered wild romp as Libby and Alex's week of wild hook ups and sexy games escalates into something that sounds a lot like love.

This book is a part of Harlequin's new Dare line that push [es] the boundaries of sexual explicitness and features  "grittier heroes and anti-heroes". It seems like Harlequin is trying to catch up to  indie romance's edgy contemporary romance game.

Alex Lancaster is not your stereotypical Harlequin billionaire,  he doesn't command boardrooms in a suite and tie,  he's a tech geek who goes to work in jeans and gamer t-shirts. Libby is a an alpha female heroine and has as much physical desire for the hero as he has for her; in a way that's overtly sex positive.  I've only sampled a few Harlequin categories and one Blaze (which this line is essentially replacing) so I can't speak to whether the explicitness was eyebrow raising, but there were a lot more F-bombs that I expected to be in a Harlequin.

I'm up for reading more from this line, I mean one book is going to have a Motorcycle Club hero. What I'm most shocked about ? The Dare line is open to first person POV. Whaaat ?!

A new category to check out... if you dare.

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