Saturday, January 13, 2018

22 Of Our Favorite Punny Romance Titles

Some readers might pick up a romance novel because it has an amazing cover image, but sometimes it's hard to resist a title that's having a little pun.

Song Titles

TV Shows/Movie

Earl, Please

  • The Earl Is Mine  -  A lady escapes am arranged marriage with the help of an old friend.
  • Good Earl Gone Bad - An earl takes a gamble on his new wife who is charged with murder.
  • My Brown-Eyed Earl - a reformed earl falls for a governess with a tragic past.
  • I Kissed An Earl - A mischievous lady seeks out non-traditional earl to help find her brother.
  • Kiss The Earl -  A modern day comic book artist  is transported to Regency England.
  • This Earl Is On Fire - A sheltered woman is drawn to a mysterious man with a lost memory.

I See What You Did There

Which one is your favorite ?

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