Sunday, December 31, 2017

Romance and Sensibility By The Numbers 2017

All year long we track our reviews in a spreadsheet so at the end of the year we can crunch some numbers and take a look at our stats. We track info you can't find on Goodreads like diversity , format and retailers;  then pull the most interesting stats  in a handy infographic. This year made it with Canva !

If you'd like a copy of our infographic template feel free to e-mail us at ! If you are looking to track your own stats you can download or make a copy of our basic Romance Reader Spreadsheet. Feel free to edit and or add formulas to it, we'd love to see what you can come up with.

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2015 Numbers for comparison

Jess's Thoughts
For me, nothing about the numbers is really that surprising. Although I am shocked at how much we relied on  subscription services (which in this case means Scribd, The Audible Romance Package and Kindle Unlimited). I feel like "Netflix" for books services are always struggling to hit the mark but I bet if they just narrowed in more on romance, like Audible did, they'd find a ton of consumers !

K.E.'s Thoughts
Our diversity numbers have been steadily growing and I'm glad 1 in 4 books reviewed was written by an author or color and I hope we only increase with more diverse titles coming out. That 11% of print books doesn't include any of the  (likely hundreds) of used romance novels I've purchased over the years and stuffed in my closet. I'd like to spend more time next year reading the used books I already own.

Here are some numbers that didn't make the infographic
  • 29%  of book were self published
  • 22% published by Penguin (various imprints)
  • 19%  published by Harlequin (various imprints)
  • 12.5 %  published by Sourcebooks Casablanca
  • 8%  published by Harper Collins (all Avon)
  • 4.1% published by Kensington
  • 4 .7% published by  Hachette
  • 6% of the books read were M/M romance, however they were all written by Santino Hassell

Lose Time Reading's How To Organize Your Reviews using Excel (2013)

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