Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster

Rating: ★★★★ | 423 pages | Casablanca | Historical/Paranormal/Steampunk | 9/4/2012 

It's that time of year where I get around to reading a fantasy romance.

I'm sort of enamored by historical fantasy because I like the comedy of manners and world building associated with historicals, but I prefer romances that are ploty and action packed--paranormal historical/steampunks seem to hit that sweet spot.

In this bleak re-imaging of Victorian London the aristocracy aka Blue Bloods are infected with a  that offers them superhuman abilities and a taste for blood, they are a part of the Echelon andvirus rule over humans in the poor rookeries.

Honoria Todd and her siblings have escaped the shining gates of Echelon for the rookery of White Chapel. However the rookery isn't without it's own dangers. Blade an outcast Blue Blood and his gang rules this rookery and the Todds don't go unnoticed.. Blade knows the Todd family has secrets that could change the fate of the Echelon forever and Honoria might be able to help him settle a decades long score.

Overall this was a solid start to a fascinating series, McMaster manages to keep it simple without throwing a ton of "terms" around. Blade, who was born on the streets and raised by the Echelon for a short time,  is not clean cut and initially Honoria offers him grammar lessons to help "code switch" nothing really come of this but a majority of Blade's dialogue is written with a thick working class accent that didn't at all trip me up at all.

 McMaster sets a perfect pace and there is a ton to explore in her world, its' an admirable kick off to a new series. Come for the world building, stay for the edge of your seat sword fighting.

This cover . . . is terrible. Like it's an okay cover but it has nothing to do with the book, the book is only vaugely steampunk related  and  NOTHING ABOUT THIS COVER SAYS PARANORMAL HISTORICAL VAMPIRES. The audiobook cover is more apropos because there is a lot of focus on how stylish Honoria's clothe are.

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