Saturday, November 18, 2017

In His Corner by Alexandra Warren

Rating: ★★★★ | 263 Pages | Self-Published | Contemporary | 10/20/2017 | Buy Now ! 

When sends journalist Bella Stevenson to write a profile of heavyweight boxing champion Princeton “Prince” Lattimore she instantly sees beyond his invincible fighter exterior and soon becomes the object of desire.

That’s right, it’s time for journalist sleeps with her source….which is a trope I hate in everything except for romance for some reason ? And honestly I’ll give it a pass in this book because Bella and Prince don’t form their relationship until after her article about him is done.

With equal parts humor and passion Princeton and Bella’s chemistry is undeniable, they are a couple you will root for to the end. Princeton has a rough life but Warren creates a warm inviting friend group in the background where their relationship can grow and mature. I wouldn’t read too much about what happens in this book before reading it because there are some twists and turns that you could get spoiled for.

Earlier this year I did MMA romance week where I read a books about combat sports and I was excited to read Warren’s take on it. I liked that she confronts some of the brutality and violence of the sport with Princeton’s abusive former boxer dad (Also yes, yes, his name is Kingston) but also in Bella’s desire for Princeton to retire soon because of CTE. I love that more romances are including real life consequences, it makes the books feel modern but doesn’t take away from the sport.

In His Corner
is a heartwarming romance about resilience, family and love with as many hard hits (both literally and metaphorically) as super sweet moments.

On her blog Warren mentions not having an age for the characters. I originally saw them both at around 25-ish but at one point Prince talk about things not being like they were in his early twenties so I’d say Prince is maybe 28-ish and Bella is 31 ?

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