Saturday, October 14, 2017

Conspiracy In Death by J.D Robb

After taking a break from the In Death series I decided to jump back in with #9 Conspiracy In Death.

Next to book seven, Conspiracy In Death my second favorite in the series so far as it puts our heroine to the test.  Homicide detective Eve Dallas  finds herself in the twisted path of a talented serial killer who uses surgical expertise to remove organs from the poor and homeless, when others turn their backs on the less fortunate, Eve Dallas decides takes a stand and finds herself framed for murder.

In the course of the investigation Eve is kicked off the force and Robb puts Eve through an emotional ringer forcing her to show what she's really made of.  At first it's frustrating at how easily she breaks down, but as she's in the depths of her despair you start to realize how much her badge is entwined with her identity/

Robb has been building on Eve as a character since book one.. In the first few books we see her come into her role leading a team, then we watch her develop a relationship and now I think Robb is  in a place where she wants to shake things up by having the career eve has given so much to bite her back.

Susan Ericksen channels every bit of Eve's emotional journey from her grief,  to her anger. to her conviction to find justice for the dead even without a badge. A stand out in the series that will bring everyone to their limits.

  •  I started reading Holiday In Death but I couldn't quite get into it (because, 2016)  and I don't think I missed much skipping a book except it seems there is a new relationship.
  • They use some crazysauce editing that can be a bit jarring. Like androids have computer voice effects and sometimes "dream" or "remembered voices" have a faraway hazy effect. I like that it's different but I'm glad all audiobooks don't do that cause it's a bit cheesy.

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