Thursday, September 14, 2017

Midnight Action (Killer Instincts #5)

*Trigger Warning - Sexual Assault, Abuse and Violence in Paris

Noelle, The viscous queen of assassins and consummate ex-solider-turned mercenary Jim Morgan have been making each others lives hell for nearly twenty years.  When an enemy from their past contracts Noelle to assasinatet Morgan, they team up up to take out the threat and are determined to get each other out of their systems--once and for all. Morgan and Noelle become the ultimate action couple as their antagonistic relationship heats up in that "I better make sure my windows are rolled up when listening to this audio book" kind of way.

Snaps to Kennedy for writing smart, attractive, talented and lethal people over the age of 35. Morgan and Noelle are at an age where they are learning to make peace with the things they've done, and their intense path to romance plays out the only way I think it can, which isn't always pretty.

 Kennedy builds layers in her novels;from her brilliantly detailed  storylines , complex villains and fully realized side characters. We get multiple story arcs (including a M/M one) and she just knows how to work a narrative, she teases out future books while making sure the characters are still present in the current one. I can't help but to imagine what choices she'd make if she was doing straight thrillers and didn't have to give her characters a HEA. Like I would legit want a series all about Noelle or Morgan and all the adventures they've been on.

Audiobook narrator Allyson Ryan  has unbelievable consistency with all the voices in this series,  her sultry and cool voice for Noelle is one of her standout performances.

While I get that Kennedy doesn't focus on "origin" stories for her characters  I feel like we are missing something in Noelle's storyline. We never find out exactly how she went from a sweet rich girl in Paris to an infamous assassin. I feel like this might get explored in later books though.

A non-traditional romance featuring tried and true anti-heroes, Noelle and Morgan's second chance romance and scorching hot relationship will leave all others behind.


So it's revealed that Morgan has a daughter and she is the heroine in the 8th and most recent book, so I wonder if  this is going to lead into a another round of the series ? Because on Facebook four years ago Kennedy said widow Holden McCall was getting his own book and I see it hasn't come out yet, so tell me there are more of these coming !

The Audiobook cover for this is just terrible. I mean Morgan is in his forties and Noelle is in her late 30s. . . I can only assume the cover has the younger version of them on it. Also the book cover, which is posted above, looks real weird below the model's waist. What is going on ?

In this book Jim Morgan admits that he isn't great on the business side and he even does some awkward HR and hiring in this book and I wonder if this is why THE COMPANY OF MERCENARIES HE RUNS DOESN'T HAVE A NAME ?? I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS .  . EVEN NOELLE CALLS HER TEAM OF LADY-ASSASSINS "THE CHAMELEONS" HOW CAN HE NOT HAVE A NAME FOR IT ????? HOW DO YOU FILE TAXES ???

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