Monday, September 18, 2017

Lord Dashwood Missed Out (Spindle Cove 4.5)

Lord Daswhood Missed Out is a cute novella that works best if you've read one or two of the Spindle Cove novels,  our heroes get together for one more mission to rescue writer Nora Browning, who has been straneded in a snowstorm on the way to a speaking engagement. Of course it's not Nora who needs  saving but instead the man she's snowed in with, Lord Dashwood. The subject of the female ragey "I don't need a man" pamphlet she wrote after being rejected by him that basically went viral. At first glancce it seems like Nora's rage is built around a simple childhood crush that went south, but as Dash and Nora spent the night re-litigating the past you realize it's something much deeper.  Dare puts her characters in so many awkward and funny moments. . . the second hand embarrassment is real !  I was literally laughing at the way Dare turns a phrase and Eva Kaminsky's perfect timing. You won't want to miss out on this undeniably delightful and funny read that won't leave you out in the cold.

Eva Kaminsky's performance was hit or miss for me because she is a new narrator for the series. She captured the same tones Carolyn Morris used for the various heroes in the other audiobooks, but she does a very high class slightly nasally British accent for some female characters that does't always fit the down to earth style of Morris.

  • PS. Dare dropped an F-bomb in this book, that was so unexpected yet perfectly placed
  • Spoiler : This novel had an unexpected virgin hero with no trauma. So, yeah.
  • Bonus spoilers : this episode of 99pi on paper towns is relevant to interests

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