Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mini Reviews: Kimani Romance

To Marry A Prince by A.C. Arthur

When stylist Landry Norris  is flown  to Grand Serenity Island to dress the American fianceé of the crown prince she finds herself  in bed with the crown prince's oldest son, Prince Kristian DeSaunters. Kristian and Landry's lust-at-first-sight romance burns quickly with very little chemistry. I got whiplash at how they went from essentially  friends with benefits to marriage (although I guess...what is says on the tin).  Arthur does a great job building the scenery, culture and history of Grand Serenity Island, a Caribbean island where the descendants of slaves created the monarchy by rebelling against colonist.  There also seems to be an intrigue plot  going on in the background as mysterious break ins and murder attempts begin to happen around the island. I have a feeling the intrigue storyline is going to follow through the series as it is never resolved in the book.  -

A Pleasing Temptation by Deborah Fletcher Mello

All eyes are on Kamaya Bordeaux as she officially becomes the last of  her 9 siblings without a wedding ring.  Kamaya doesn't have time for a relationship as she's busy managing the newest addition to her portfolio of adult businesses--a male strip club franchise. Her first franchisee is Wesley Walters an up and coming business man who was once known as "Deuce" the hottest stripper in New Orleans. Kamaya and Wesley's banter and chemistry burn up the pages. Even though our hero and heroine make their living selling sex, this novel was surprisingly heartwarming and almost spiritual as faith and family play a big role in their  developing relationship. I really loved the scenes between close knit Bordeaux family, this family has it all; a billionaire, a CIA agent, a filmmaker.  I'm totally going back to read their books ! - 

I've never really read the Kimani line before but I've just been devouring them like candy lately. I think there is the idea that these books are kinda whitewashed but they really do pick up nuances of black culture. I notice this particularly in the way they use religion, family and HBCU culture. I'm kind of sad to see this line is going to be disbanded in 2018 and I hope other publisher's pick up these wonderful authors !

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