Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Rating: ★★★+.5 | 04/03/2015 | Science Fiction  Romance | 188 Pages | Self-Published
Ice Planet Barbarians starts of visceral and down right disturbing as 22-year-old Georgie wakes up. locked in an alien cargo hold with 11 other women. The women fight their captors and find themselves dumped on a barren ice planet which they very quickly discover the planet is not so barren. It’s inhabitants are a small, primitive tribe of  mostly male sa-khui, the titular barbarian-like aliens. Oh and it turns out their tribe leader, Vektal, is Georgie’s fated mate.

I normally stray away from fated mate or inter-species-alien stuff , but I actually ended up enjoying this book--it kind of reminded me of a smexeier Dr. Who episode ? Dixon's use of  Georgie’s colloquial first person narration, the world (planet?) building and the survival plot really hooked me. I also appreciated the tribal nature that develops between all the women as they try and survive. As for the inter-species thing….while I could deal with the blue skin, body ridges and  horns, the tail was just a bridge too far and I chose to ignore it.

I actually only had one major problem with this book; THE ENTIRE PLOT OF THIS SERIES IS MY WORST FREAKING NIGHTMARE !**

Let me explain. At one point all the women make A Choice and do A Thing that means they can’t ever leave the ice planet. The reason this is my nightmare scenario can pretty much be encapsulated in this line:

I mean, there aren’t any toilets, but living as a barbarian? Not so bad when you’ve got a big, sexy barbarian male with you.
-- Dixon, Ruby. Ice Planet Barbarians: A SciFi Alien Romance (p. 175). Ruby Dixon. Kindle Edition.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Noppity Nope. Vektal and his sa-khui are literally living in the Stone Age--they eat their meat raw, all the native creatures on the planet wants to kill them, it’s always cold and as for this whole fated mates thing ? Yeah, there are no epidurals on a barren ice planet !  If I were one of these women I would be trying to Macgyver my way off the planet as quickly as possible. Especially since it’s hinted that there exist sa-khui on other planets that don’t live like barbarians.

Personal Nightmare Fuel aside, Ice Planet Barbarians is an intense, enjoyable, sci-fi romance with a really fun voice. In the back of the book Dixon says you can  read the books in any order and (  if you're cool with the whole trapped in the Stone Age thing) it seems like a great vacation series  for dipping in and out of !

There is novella about one of the women having twins and while the name of the novella delights me the cover….bothers me deeply.

**Okay, maybe not my worst nightmare. My worst nightmares include being eaten alive, getting kidnapped, eating a cockroach, my car falling off a bridge, being kidnapped and locked in a basement and going to work with a hair roller in but it’s in the top 5.

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