Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Midnight Games by Elle Kennedy

Romantic Suspense |12/29/15 | 11 hours 53 minutes 


Jim Morgan and his crew of mercenaries are in crisis. Morgan has gone missing and a kill order has been ordered against the team and not everyone makes it out alive. Enemies and friends team up and begin a globe-hopping mission to find out who is behind the fatal attack, while undercover agent extraordinaire, Isabel Roma joins the team and brings her will they/won't they romance with and ex-Navy mercenary Trevor Callaghan  to a sizzling conclusion.

Kennedy always shocks me with the amazing scope and world-building in her novels that play out in addition to the main romance. I was SHOCKED that there was an steamy and intense enemies with benefits relationship between two  characters. . . who aren't even paired up with each other later in the series.  It adds a lot more dimension to the characters and not something I've see in a lot of romance. You really have to read these in order.

Midnight Alias features lots of girl power as we meet more of The Chameleons, a group of female operatives and their dark and deadly leader Noelle. (SERIOUSLY SOMETHING HAPPENED BETWEEN HER AND JIM MORGAN AND THEY HATE EACH OTHER AND I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS)

Allyson Ryan is of course a treat, she gets to show off her expanse of accents though her Australian accent might have me checking out the e-book if that character gets a book.

IsAbel and Trevor's romance has been tracking since book one and it was satisfying, but while you come for the romance you stay for the secret missions, non-stop action and banter.

I feel like the ending wrapped up a little to neatly, but I think Kennedy did it in service of a much bigger story... which is her showing how BADASS all of her character are. You really feel like you know the team..

Side Note
I'm lukewarm on the book and audio book covers for this series, but this is one where I pefer the audio book cover. I remembe an old post I read on how females are positioned on promotional content and I think this is a nice subversion.

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