Saturday, May 13, 2017

Midnight Alias by Elle Kennedy (Killer Instincts #2)

Narrated by Allyson Ryan | 11 hrs 39 minutes | Tantor Audio

In book one Kennedy introduces Trevor Callahan, an ex-solider so deep in grief over the murder of his fiancĂ© that he joins an undercover mission as a suicide job. While undercover he is paired with former-FBI agent turned undercover operator Isabel Roma, a former Mafia princess who can be anyone except herself.  Just when Trevor is staring death in the eye. . .Isabel saves him then walks away for the last time. Or is it ?

Midnight Alias . . . is not about them.

Nope. It’s about a Ragin' Cajun (okay, I don’t think he’s Cajun but he's from New Orleans) adrenaline junkie Luke Dubois and Olivia Taylor, a 25 year old college student taking care of her sick mother. To make ends meets Olivia works in a strip club where one night she is attacked by a customer, the strip club owner kills the customer, hides the body and pays off all her school and medical bills so she’s in debt to him. He holds this over her  and he’s like in love with and controlling  over her and she’s just playing nice until she can graduate and escape.*breathes*.

So, helpless stripper with a heart of gold being saved by a big strong man is one of my least favorite tropes,  the only reason I was reading this book is to follow the Trevor/Isabel arc. Who by the way, get just as much page-time as Luke and Olivia.

 Kennedy does provide thrilling plots and wonderful banter. I thought the portrayal of Olivia’s controlling relationship with the strip club owner was realistic and Kennedy had this great way of getting inside of her villain’s heads and giving them dimensions.  Audiobook narrator Allyson Ryan’s really intuitive and charming performance amplified the story. 

Okay, now I finally get to read Isabel and Trevor.

Side Note
I don't understand the cover for the audiobook or the book for that matter. It's just like being shirtless outside wearing a concealable holster seems  . . . beside the point.

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