Monday, January 30, 2017

Seconds To Sunrise by Nico Ross (Black Ops : Automatik #3)

200 Pages | Carina Press | Thriller| Black Ops : Automatik #3 | 1/16/17

April Banks won't stop looking for the notorious hackers who took everything from her website that supported war widows. When the hackers take their antics offline and hire hitmen to take her out, April finds herself on the run. Luckily  Automatik, is looking out for her and sends former special forces agent James Sant to protect her. Together they are going to take down the hackers once and for all. But can James be April's hero before his dark past catches up with him ?

Seconds To Sunrise is third book in Ross's Automatik series and it follows the basic formula each of the books in this series has; we get a quick introduction, some small undercover scenes to establish sexual tension, awkwardly shoving in the characters from the previous novels and of course a fast paced ending where the bullets are flying. So many bullets.

This one was just okay. The tech stuff just didn't work for me. I just wasn't sure all the tech stuff. I also didn't understand the story ? Like why did the hackers wanted to kill her, she didn't seem like that much of a threat.. Also  April is a self-taught in web design and encryption, but her computer skills seems to be. . . Whatever is necessary or the plot to work?

April and James romance didn't really sizzle, it just felt like a forgone conclusion. I was way more interested in James' past as point man for a notorious hitman (cause he can't be too bad) I liked that he had to come to terms with it in the course of the novel. Everything else just felt like filler.

A predictable romance with some interesting characters, decent action but a plot that never really picks up.


  • If you are looking for  Multicultural romance, this novel features an East Indian hero and Half Korean heroine.

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