Sunday, January 22, 2017

Dark Mafia Prince by Annika Martin

 Dangerous Royals Romance #1 |  Suspense Romance | 06/26/2016

The moment is now.

For years Aleksio Dragusha has secretly trained to be a “machine of pure revenge and violence” for the moment when he can reunite his lost brothers, avenge his parents murder and ascend  to his rightful place leading the Black Lion Clan. He's just going to have to kidnap his childhood best friend, Mira Nikolla, to do it.

Mira's father murdered Aleksio's parents and separated his brothers all those years ago. Once Aleksio kidnaps Mira, he quickly catches feelings for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me ? The romance between Aleksio and Mira didn't work for me and had a lot of the "ownership" stuff that I just can’t with.

Luckily, Dark Mafia Prince, has a lot  more to offer than just a lukewarm romance.  I was engrossed by  all the twists and turns as the hero and heroine race to find the missing brother. And as much as I don’t buy Aleksio and Mira falling in love after a few days together, I do think they have good chemistry and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

I really liked Mira as a heroine. She’s been trying to separate herself from her father's mafia life and works as an advocacy lawyer in the Bronx because Foils. When she gets caught up in the cross-hairs of the mafia world she really holds her own. Even as she starts to build a relationship with Aleksio she still takes every opportunity to try and escape, because she knows she has to look out for herself above anyone else.

I am really coming around on these darker and grittier self-published romances. Indie published "bad boys" are allowed to be much edgier and morally ambiguous than the "bad boys" in traditionally published romances. You never know how far the author will push the envelope which makes for compelling reading.

I am still super on the fence about mafia romances because I'm kind of uncomfortable with the bowlderization of the mafia in general.

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