Friday, August 12, 2016

Learning To Ride Prested by James Patterson by Erin Knightly

144 Pages | Publisher: Bookshots | Contemporary Romance | Publication Date: 7/5/16

James Patterson, the name associated with airport bookstores, has created a new reading experience; BookShots . These books are described as "shots" of action packed entertainment in a "shorter format that fits people's lives." I heard about these first on the Book Riot Podcast, so I picked two up while at BEA.

In Learning To Ride Madeline is a young woman climbing the corporate ladder. To earn her next promotion, she temporarily abandons the lights of NYC for the stars of Sunnybell,Texas. When she steps out for a night at the local bar (which was called the The Yell, which I totally side eyed but kept reading) she falls into bed with the town's most eligible bachelor; former rodeo star, Tanner.

The book was a quick read and it hits a lot of the beats you expect in a contemporary romance. It dives into a few humorous, romantic and cute moments then gets out without going on to long. The novel itself was delightful and sweet. It's about a 2/5 on the spicy scale, nothing to explicit so I'd rec it if you want to get a younger teen started on romance

What I appreciated was that the conflict was external and highly believable. The resolution did come pretty fast but it was satisfying. I don't usually read contemporary romance but when I feel the itch  I would pick up another one of these.

I do wonder if all of the books are going to have "reading-is-fun" propaganda. Early on we learn how much Madeline likes to read, the second act of the book take place at a book club and at the end Madeline opens a bookstore (I don't think this is really a spoiler). Like, is including reading propaganda in the story a part of the contract Patterson makes authors sign ? Is he trying to sell reading ? Is it subliminal messaging ?

This book was written by veteran historical romance author Erin Knightly and there are a ton more BookShots Flames coming out in all the genres by both NYT bestselling romance authors and self-published authors.

I do fear that because BookShot Flames are romance they are getting the brush-off, in the way the romance genre often does. I've read articles about how the non-romance BookShots have sold a million copies and made The Trial a NYT bestseller. I've  only spied the regular BookShots in my local Target. Seriously. . .WHERE THE FLAMES AT ?


  • A part from Alex Cross, I do wonder if we will see more diversity in BookShots ?
  • James Patterson isn't the only one getting into this game, Ralph Lauren Polo model Nacho Figureas is also presenting a line of novels written by women so. . .


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