Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Romance TBR Jar

Between BEA, used bookstores, subscription boxes, library sales, Better World Books and Goodwill my romance (and I'm just talking physical books) collection has gotten out of control.  To help me get through it all I decided to do a TBR jar !

A TBR jar is a great way to manage all the books you've been meaning to read. All you do is park yourself in front of your TBR pile, write the titles down on paper then toss them in a jar.  When you are ready for something new to read all you do is pick it out of the jar.

Here is how I made my TBR Jar:

The Books

Currently my romance books aren't even on a shelf. I have most of them in these baskets and in this bag. The rest are shoved in more baskets in my closet. Side note; when did I get so many baskets ?

The Jar

First, I needed a jar.  I used a mason jar because Pinterest has led me to believe when in doubt go mason jar. I got this one for 1.00 at the craft store.

Next, I  picked up some cute stock paper at the craft store to write the titles on. There are so many choices but  I decided to go with a glittery pink. I cut the paper into strips with a paper cutter (I'm fancy, huh ? ) but you can  use scissors.

Then I stacked up my books and started writing each title on a strip of paper. I don't even want to know how many I ended up with.

Finally, to accessorize my jar I found some tags and  stickers in the clearance rack at the craft store. I gave it a shabby chic look with some lace ribbon

Done !

The Picks

Jess and I both made some picks. Time to get reading ! 

I picked Taking The Lead by Ceclia Tan

Jess picked Colton's Deep Cover by Elle Kennedy

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