Monday, June 27, 2016

Public Affair, Secretly Expecting Audiobook

Public Affair, Secret Expecting

I imagine I'm going to DNF alot of these Presents category romances. I recently went through the stack I had from a library sale and found a few that were on Scribd audio !NGL, the audio performance for this book was really off. The voice the narrator does for the heroine Juno sounds like she has a cold and no tongue, and Mac had a nasally nearly cartoonish Irish accent. One of the reasons I listened to as much of this as I did was because I could tell the narrator was at least . . .trying. She is actually a great narrator, I listened to her portfolio and her American accent is amazing !

Anywho this book is about Juno, a 22 year old girl still getting over a bad relationship from when she was a teen. While planning her BFFs wedding she ambushes the groom's estranged-Irish-movie star-millionaire brother, Mac, and begs him to come to the wedding

Of course they have chemistry and someone gets a picture of them kissing. It's like boom, OMGF paparazzi everywhere. Mac spirits her away to his home in Laguna Beach to keep her safe from the attention. (You, know the forced-proximity for days route).

I was . . .. bored. The character's didn't do much for me, the plot was blase and I don't even think the  author put that much thought into the characters. Like Juno isn't a fashionista but is a boutique manager because.. . reasons. Also Mac is described as working when he is on a laptop. But he's an actor. How is that working ?

My main reason for DNFing this book is that at page 143 we had the public affair (I guess ?) but there was no SECRET EXPECTING I mean I know Harlquin is just using hook words, but come on ! I'm expecting a secret baby/pregnancy by at least by the 50% mark.

Side Note - I read Public Affair, Secretly Expecting  NOT Secret Baby, Public Affair. . . that's a different book. This honestly confused me when I was looking up publication information

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