Monday, June 27, 2016

Midnight Rescue by Elle Kennedy (Killer Instincts #1)

Abby Sinclair's deep undercover mission has taken a turn and lands her locked up and tortured in an underground Colombian Cartel prison.  Soon,  Abby is rescued by Jim Morgan's  team  of mercenaries. But Abby doesn't want to be rescued, for her getting captured was part of the plan. Now she needs to convince the team's wayward leader Kane to take her  back to Columbia so she can finish her rogue mission once and for all.

Abby Sinclair is a seductive assassin who hasn't had an easy past, so trust doesn’t come easy She and  Kane ( who also has trauma) are of the variety of hero and heroine who don't know what to do when someone else makes them have "the feelings". Yes, it's that instant one look and I can't take my eyes off of you kind of love, but since it went both ways it worked.

 While Abby and Kane are the main characters we get to see a ton of the side characters interact and clash with each other in a meaningful way.  I liked that Abby and Kane's friends aren't just filling the one dimensional RomCom best friend role.

Seriously I want Isobel and Trevor's book now ! I guess I'm not the only one because Isobel is described as being blonde with blue eyes, so for reasons she appears to be on the book cover.

I was nervous going into this book because I've had no so great experiences with romantic suspense, but I liked the capable characters Kennedy creates. Like most heroines in romantic suspense Abby has suffered from child abuse and those  portions were really hard to hear.

 I'm excited to continues this series  and I get the feeling we get to see the same cast of characters grow  with each book.

Midnight Rescue is a (super) dark contemporary suspense novel with very strong romance. Kennedy writes a gritter kind of RS, the intensity of some of the language threw me at first, but I liked it. It felt realistic.

Allyson Ryan is like a ninja narrator, because she's there but she''s also not there. She hits just the right balance of performing without going over the top.

Having read a few romantic suspense I feel like I'm starting to get a feel for the sub-genre.  I find I like the ones that are plot heavy, fast-paced and have a heroine who can hold her own.

Despite knowing the Colombian cartel sex trafficking is truth in fiction, I'm always going to side eye a book where  brown people are villians. Granted in this book the main villain is a white South African (and the evil Colombian is name "Blanco" which I find amusing.)  and many of the Colombians do have some agency. . . but still.

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