Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Night To Surrender by Tessa Dare

I've read Spindle Cove #3 and #3.5 so naturally I had to go back to the first one and read them from the beginning.

In just the first few pages (minutes) I realized there were little odds and ends about Spindle Cove that I had missed reading out of order. On the flipside having a little bit of foresight in the series I could see that Dare really had a firm grasp on who all her character from book one.

Let's back up. Spindle Cove is a seaside resort town that caters to women who don't fit into society definition as agreed upon by well. . .the patriarchy

Susanna Finch is the hostess of this town and this paradise for women is her whole world. So when a threesome of military men make a (literal) explosive entrance into town, Susanna wants them out.

 But the headstrong commanding officer Bramwell  has just been  given the title of Lord and he wants to start a Spindle Cove militia, goddammit ! Even if his only options are a vicar with an eye for tulle and blacksmith who makes jewelry. Don't worry he'll make men out of them  !


Forget the Napoleonic War because the battle of the sexes waging in Spindle Cove  might end in more than just a simple cease fire. Especially after the bar fights, explosions and mild head injuries. Also Bram (reluctantly) owns a  pet lamb. . . named Dinner.

Once again Dare manages to keeps the atmosphere of her novels  fun and energetic with a great sense of community. 

The story was a lot of fun but the layout of the plot was a little spotty. Like at one point Bram gets sensible and realizes it's disrespectful for him to want Susanna when he's supposed to be an officer and a gentlemen. . . but then the next chapter he seduces her in a willow tree. I liked the meat of this story, but the big climax and resolution felt sparse. I just didn't buy the decision Susanna makes at the end of this book. 

Narrator Carolyn Morris makes this audiobook, she has such a great voice and she really puts some performance behind it. Spindle Cove is a fun rompy series ! I'm saving one of these for my next vacation book.

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