Monday, February 1, 2016

Vengeance In Death by J.D Robb (In Death #6)

Disclaimer : this was the In Death book that I will now hold all other In Death books to. This book would have totally been a five start rating for me, except one point during the very very end when a character describes an off-page character as --Oriental. It just took me out the story. I mean this book was published in 1997. Really ? They couldn't edit it ? 

It's like J.D. Robb somehow heard all of  the criticisms in my reviews and wrote this book. It had everything I've been asking for. We get Roarke's backstory ( we actually go to Ireland, ya'll), Roarke's criminal past gets tangled up with  Eve's duty as a law enforcer; plus there are explosions, drama and a car chase across Manhattan. Also Eve actually supervises a team . . . which is what a police lieutenant actually does.

Where to begin.

So a homicidal serial killer begins ritualistically killing people in the name of God and taunting the police with clues. Instead of Robert Langdon on the case it' Eve Dallas. Eve soon learns the victims have something in common. . . they are old friends of Roarke's who helped him kill a group of men who victimized a young girl. Looks like someone wants. . .ahem. . . vengeance.

Why, yes Roarke did commit a slew of murders many years ago. He did it so well infact that he got away with it. This is mentioned in earlier books so it's not a spoiler. I feel like this should bother me but in today's golden age of television we like our heroes to be smooth criminalsvengeance murderers , and even ccannibalistic murderers. So...yeah.

Eve also teams up with a new young  Electronics Detective, McNab, (remember this is before technical analyst were a thing) a quirky young man who'd probably fit right in with Penelope Garcia and Abby Sciuto. I hope we see more of this character in the series.

A engrossing and dark mystery this In Death book is at the top of my list. I could not figure out whodunnit until the very end.

P.S. The Venn diagram of Eve's murder victims and people Rorake knows IS A CIRCLE ! In every book he has been in some way, shape or form connected with her murder victims.

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