Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Heated Moments by Phyllis Bourne

I've been listening to the Girl, Have You Read podcast and I picked this book up so I could read-along with the ladies. I went into this book not knowing anything about it,  I thought it would be kind of soapy (as categories are want to do) but it's actually a cute romantic comedy.

When model Lola Gray is replaced as the face of her late mother's cosmetic company, Espresso Cosmetics, she sets out to find the next big thing for herself. But on her drive to New York City she ends up in the small town of Cooper's Place, Ohio where a misunderstanding with a small town rookie cop puts her on trial...and in the arms of police chief Dylan Cooper and they have a few...heated moments.

This book is just a sweet romance and it fits right into my genre kryptonite of small town romances. Bourne really  brought the town alive. I thought the hero and heroine had great chemistry and Dylan was a great hero who understood what Lola needed. That said everything felt really rushed.

The only things that kind of bothered me was that  one of the reasons Espresso Cosmetics  lets Lola go is because they are replacing her with  a drag queen. It's a recurring joke in the book and the whole female model being replaced by a “man in a wig” started to feel really unfunny. Also the ending...I didn’t buy it. At all.

Also I’m going to gripe abut the cover. Now listen, I’m new here, but you cannot tell this is a romantic comedy from the cover. I think it should have something like a Julie James' audiobook covers. Or you know what...I’m going to say it; bring back the illustrated covers. I liked some of those ! I’m just sayin’....Although I do think they chose this one because it has a pool and there is a big scene with a pool.


I had to look into this drag queen as cosmetic company spokesperson, because to me it legit seems like a good idea and it turns out RuPaul was a spokesperson for MAC cosmetics for a while. 

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