Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Slow Ride by Erin McCarthy (Fast Track #5)

Professional stock car blogger, Tuesday Jones,  has spent months watching her  father die of cancer. At his funeral she ends up crying all over Daniel ‘Diesel’ Lange-- one of her Dad’s favorite drivers. Diesel's quit racing after  he was injured in a crash on the track. It's a slow ride as  the stoic beta hero, Diesel, falls head first into Tuesday’s wild extroverted ways.

The hero and heroine in Slow Ride had great chemistry. This book is a little bit darker than the others, it hints that Tuesday may be an alcoholic. I think so often women drinking lots of wine is just seen as flippant fun and not as something that could be potentially a real problem and I liked the way McCarthy handled it.

Like the last one this book gets away from the community and settings established in the other books. Tuesday is supposed to be this professional stock car blogger but she never goes to races, they never talk about racing and she never seems to work. It just didn’t feel realistic that that was her job. How does she know anything if she never goes anywhere ?

There are  a few quick scenes with previous characters, but it felt like awkward bonus content. Like they just randomly show Suzanne and Ryder from book 3 saying they should have a dinner party to see if Diesel and Tuesday belong together even though they’ve never met Tuesday or Diesel. And the dinner party doesn’t even happen and we just never hear from them again.

Slow Ride lives up to everything I expect from a Fast Track novel; complex heroines, smexy heroes and lots of fun !

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