Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Enchanting Christmas by Beth Ciotta

This book showed up for .99 cents in my EreaderIQ alerts and since I was looking for a holiday romance  I snapped it up. At first I couldn't even remember  why I had a price drop alert for Beth Ciotta, but I looked into it and I guess  her Cupcake Lovers series was mentioned during NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour romance special, but I don't remember what was said about it.

This novella is about Christmas 'Chrissy' Mooney, who isn't feeling to into the Christmas spirit and hasn't been for a while. Five years ago she had to give up her dream of being a violinist when a fling at a music festival left her pregnant. To top it off when she discovered her mystery fling was Mason Rivers, heir to a million dollar company, he threatens to sue her via e-mail if she makes him claims he is the father.

Oh and also her daughter was born

I guess the conceit of this series is that there is a website called (which I'm super surprised Beth Ciotta hasn't snapped up)where you put in your information and apply for a dream and then their data analysts make it come true by um,....I don't know... Applied Phlebotinum or something. It's not really explained how this website works, but their slogan is  'We provide the magic. You provide the derring-do.' 

Needless to say there was a big miscommunication between Chrissy and Mason and she suddenly gets a second chance with him, but can she provide the derring-do to make it work ?

This was a quick, light and relatively sweet  romance I was able to read in two days. I liked that this book has a little bit of magic and I think small town communities have become my genre kryptonite.  This book takes place in Nowhere, Nebraska and it is a romance small town straight from central casting complete with a bakery, a bar for the men and a former professional athlete.


It looks like this series recently got new covers, because I have to admit I wouldn't have picked up the original.

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