Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ceremony In Death (In Death #5)

Dear Rorake NoLastName,

While reading and reviewing the In Death series I realize that I've been kind of hard on you as our love interest/supporting character. I mean as an Irish Billionaire Businessman (Former criminal and not-so-former hacker) you have a lot of work to do to seem . . . believable. In previous reviews I've deemed you useless and only around as supportive eye candy and to provide a fantasy element.

However recently I've been doing research on your billionaire brethren over at Harlequin Presents and honestly for a billionaire you are really not that bad.

I mean when Eve finds out a fellow cops seemingly natural death might have been murder, you offer your help when Eve's investigation leads her into the world of Witchcraft and Satanism. I mean you grew up in Ireland and have a belief and respect for the practice, so you are a natural partner. While Eve has to set aside her belief in pragmatism and look for the divine you are the perfect person to help . . . without having to kidnap her and taking her to a remote country and make her stay with you (okay so he does that sometimes but it's only for like a day or two).

Anywho you are totally cool with Eve taking the lead, even when things get dark and boy do they get dark, when bodies start pilling up. It’s fun seeing you two work together. While you do disappear in the second half,  Eve and Peabody continue to  build their work relationship  and bantery repertoire to bring this case to a close..
This book is a careful examination of the subject of Wicca and witchcraft. Do you think maybe dabbling in the subject here is what inspired Robb to start writing her (as Sara Wendell calls them) Para-Nora books  ?
This was just the right In Death book to read for Halloween as it takes place around the holiday. The only thing that would have made it better is if you’d dressed up like a Leprechaun.

This book was miles better than Rapture In Death. Other than that I wish someone would at least question WHY YOU DON'T HAVE A LAST NAME.  I MEAN SERIOUSLY.

Dear Eve, I now the series is formulaic but can you please stop getting kidnapped and confronting the killer alone. There’s got to be some better way Just. . . yeah. Although this ending had an unexpected twist.

P. P .S
Obligatory P.C rant - why oh why did the line " like a mob at a lynching" have to be there ? It Just took me out the story. Just why. Also  did the shady owner of a coffee shop that's cover for a gambling hall have to be Hispanic ? Eh ? eh ?

P.P.P. S.
I hate saying this but for lack of a better term why do these books have to be so rape-y ?

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