Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tell Me Something Good by Jamie Wesley (A One-On-One Story, #1)

  • Release Date: August 24th, 2011
  • Pages: 232
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Series : One-on-One Story #1
  • Publisher: Entangled  ( Lovestruck)
I started reading this in a waiting room and at first I couldn't figure out why I had this book on my Kindle. As I started reading the book it hit me. Before I discovered podcasts I was really into morning radio talks shows. I'd download old episodes from iTunes or play them on a loop on iHeartRadio.

So I guess when I spied this story about  two radio talk show hosts, one a cocky-unbeliever-in-love sports host known as Tate "The Great" Grayson and the other Noelle Butler, a radio relationship psychologist who is an advocate for love, I was all over it.

After sniping back and forth on live radio over marriage and commitment, the station gets the idea to have Tate and Noelle join forces for a few weeks and combine their shows to create The Tate and Noelle Show. As they try to help listeners through the maze  of love, relationship and sports (I guess) will they stumble into a love game of their own ?

 In a book that is based so much on radio the dialogue worked very well. I found myself  in a "topic" blind spot. I was uninterested in the relationship advice stuff, it just read as sort of generic to me.  I also don't follow sports so I was sort of meh on that topic to.

This romance relies heavily on the combination of their shows. It shoves Noelle and Tate into force proximity and the chemistry is great, but a voice in the back of my head was like. This is such a strange idea. I mean I find it really hard to believe a radio station would be like "Yeah, let's combine a relationship talk show with a sports show for two hours."  Like it makes no sense to me. Noelle knows nothing about sports and Tate isn't trained to give advice. Why would they do this ?

This book also spent a lot of time making Tate out to be Mr. Perfect. His only real flaw is that he doesn't believe in love, but we all now how that's going to end so I needed a bit more. It was like layer after layer of "look at what a great catch this guy is".

I'll probably say this a lot on this blog but everything I know about romance novels I learned from reading/listening to Sara Wendell and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books so, I understand the function of money in romanceland; Wealthy characters ensures readers that the happy ending will never be troubled by a bad economy. I get that. But the way money is used at the end of this book seemed way to overdone.

This Entangled Lovestruck didn't exactly strike out for me. It was a fun read on the surface but when I really thought about it, the pieces kind of fell apart. 


Unless I'm missing something I'm not sure why the male on the cover has handcuffs.

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