Sunday, March 22, 2015

Frigid by J Lynn

  • Release Date: July 15th 2013
  • Pages: 252 
  • Genre: Contemporary / New Adult
  • Series: Standalone
  • Publisher: Spencer Hill Press

I'm kind of a hater sometimes.

And oh boy, have I hated a little on this book. I remember when I first saw this cover reveal I showed it to Jess and said..."but, isn't he cold ???" Also the name Kyler just sounded like a really young name. Like the name of a child and not a grown man. But I really like Jennifer Armentrout's work with bloggers and when Frigid was on sale for .99 cents I went for it.

Frigid is a friends to lover romance, about what happens when college senior Sydney Bell finds herself stuck in a cabin during a snowstorm with Kyler Quinn, her super hot manwhore best friend she's had a crush on forever. There is also a suspense plot that comes up, but I won't get to into that because it comes in much later in the book and is spoiler territory.

Sydney is an uptight bookish girl who doesn't drink, doesn't party and is afraid she might be too frigid for anyone to love. It doesn't help that she is constantly around Kyler who beds nearly every hot girl he meets. Jennifer Armentrout is writing as J. Lynn, so this romance gets fairly spicy.

Kyler fits into this NA trope that is whatever the male version of Hooker with a Heart of Gold is. He's the guy who sleeps with all the drunk girls and doesn't believe in relationships until he finally sees the protagonist and then he understands how to respect women. I kind of hate this trope, it shows up a lot in NA and  has a lot of slut-shamy implications with it.

That said, this book has a certain amount of charm to it. Armentrout has this stream of conscious dialogue that makes her books easy to read and dip in and out of.

Overall Frigid was a fun read and I feel like I'm really turning a corner in New Adult. There was always this talk of NA being YA's sexier cousin but this NA in particular felt more like a cousin to romance than YA and I think it will appeal well to romance readers.

 Bonus: It's a complete standalone !

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